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Olympic Solidarity is constantly seeking to encourage the practice of sport by athletes all over the world and Olympic scholarships play an important part in this process.

How to become an Olympic scholarship holder?

Before becoming Olympic scholarship holders, athletes must demonstrate their potential at national and international level so that their NOCs can select them and send their candidatures to Olympic Solidarity. The NOCs have an important job to do at national level in terms of selecting the best candidates. The candidatures are then analysed by Olympic Solidarity in close cooperation with the International Federations (IFs). The final allocation decision lies with Olympic Solidarity, which then informs the NOC concerned.

Advantages of an Olympic scholarship

Athlete receiving a scholarship can benefit from funding for items such as access to adequate training facilities, specialized coach in his discipline, regular medical and scientific assistance, accident and illness insurance, board and lodging costs and travel to Olympic qualification competitions.

Training options

To ensure optimum training conditions for all the athletes concerned, Olympic Solidarity works with various high-level training centres around the world and cooperates with number of NOCs, IFs and independent centres which make their facilities available and supervise the scholarship holders. Olympic Solidarity tries to offer a complete and representative range of possibilities so that athletes can continue their training on their continent of origin. The decision on where the athletes should train is focused upon the athletes’ needs and the requirements of their sport.

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