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Construction site fence IOC / Luca Delachaux

For safety reasons, a wooden fence has been erected around the International Olympic Committee (IOC) construction site. The decision was taken to make use of the 600 metres of this fence in two ways, partly for institutional communication, and partly so that bidding young artists can create their own graphic works.

Construction site fence

Institutional communication

Images and texts explaining the Olympic House construction project have been placed around the site. The IOC’s aim is to keep people informed about the work at all times. Opposite the granite fountain, small openings even allow curious passers-by to follow the building work in real time.

Construction site fence

“The important thing is taking part”

With a view to involving the local population, the IOC invited the Chromatix association to produce the frescoes which cover most of the lake side of the fence. Several groups of youngsters, aged between 9 and 16 from various local schools, were involved in this workshop. For environmental reasons, the sprays and paints used are water-based, so pose no risk either to the surrounding area or the young artists who used them.

Construction site fence

Pierre de Coubertin

On the western part of the fence, the Baron is keeping an eye on the construction of Olympic House, on the site chosen in 1968 to become the IOC headquarters. Team sports, the symbol of peace and the Olympic torch relay are some of the other Olympic themes the young artists have chosen to illustrate.

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