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At the time when the IOC is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its establishment in Lausanne, the institution is confirming Lausanne as the Olympic capital for the 100 years to come.

As announced in December 2014, the IOC is moving ahead with the consolidation of its headquarters. Called Olympic House and developed by architectural firm 3XN. The new building will authentically reflect Olympism, the Olympic Movement and the role of the IOC as a catalyst for collaboration in an iconic and transparent way.

Olympic House IOC

Olympic House is designed to be a welcoming home for IOC members and the meeting place for the entire Olympic Movement. This high-quality architectural project developed in close consultation with the local authorities, will offer the region an emblematic building. The design is intended to ensure that the building fits into its environmental and historic setting, and integrates with the local population.

Olympic-house3 IOC

The IOC administration will be brought together at Olympic House in a single location in Vidy, resulting in substantial long term savings, increased working efficiency and energy conservation. With this ambitious project, the IOC also aims to demonstrate leadership in terms of sustainability.

Olympic House IOC

“During these 100 years of common history, we wrote many important and fascinating chapters, and I am looking forward to the next one, which will see the consolidation of our headquarters in Lausanne. Thus, at a time when we are speaking about the future of our Movement with Olympic Agenda 2020, the new headquarters is a bridge between the roots of the IOC in Lausanne and our vision for the future.”
Thomas Bach, IOC President

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