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Yung Ka Yan

Yung Ka Yan Getty
15 Jan 2010
Athlete Stories
Rowing, Hong Kong (China)

Yung Ka Yan, a medalist for Hong Kong at the 15th Asian Games, started working for one of the world’s largest media companies in November 2007, just four weeks after the IOC Athlete Career Programme (IOC ACP) was signed between the Hong Kong, Chinese NOC (SFOC) and Adecco.

Yung, the “girl-next-door” from Sha Tin, practised on the Shing Mun River and quickly reached Olympic standard. She has represented Hong Kong in rowing at international events, including the 15th Asian Games in Doha. In one such event, Yung actually broke her ankle, carrying on with great determination against her doctors’ and coaches’ advice. Unable to walk, she was carried to her boat, lifted into it, and won a bronze medal in the event. This level of determination and ability to overcome adversity are among the qualities that persuaded the company to hire the former athlete.

"With the support of the IOC Athlete Career Programme, I was able to reintegrate into the community and find a job immediately," commented Yung Ka Yan. "Now, I am starting to make gradual improvements and have a much clearer vision for my future career.“

Anthony Wong, Senior HR Manager of the media company, said that the IOC Athlete Career Programme was an ideal solution for providing talent with the right qualities to make up what he referred to as the company’s DNA. Wong expressed delight at taking Yung on board, stating that in the short time she has been with the corporation, he has found her inquisitive, passionate and surprisingly mature for one so young. "The IOC ACP has definitely created a win-win situation," said Wong as he expressed thanks to Adecco for facilitating the new hiring.

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