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25 Jun 2010
Singapore 2010 , YOG

Youth Olympic Games fever rises on Olympic Day! Just 50 days to go!

Olympic Day celebrations went to another level this year with the Youth Olympic Games just around the corner! On Wednesday, athletes and Young Ambassadors going to the Games in Singapore this August celebrated this special day in their own way!

Here are just a few of the cool activities that they shared:

Hong Kong’s Young Ambassador, Sherry Tsai, set up a booth to tell people in the streets about the Youth Olympic Games and invited them to compete against Michael Phelps in the Best of Us Challenge.

Florian Kogler, the Young Ambassador from Austria, also had activities organised - read all about it in his blog.

Chivinn Chum, the Young Ambassador from Cambodia, chatted to young people about the many benefits sport can have on them. One of the messages he told the participants was “sport is the best medicine!”

Julie De Ruyver, Belgium’s Young Ambassador with the NOC of Belgium, organised a training camp in Ghent. She also visited training facilities and organised a press conference.

Fergus Bisset, the Young Ambassador for Great Britain, was in Olympia to celebrate the day… read his blog to learn more!

Also see what Korea’s Young Ambassador, An Eunhui, did for Olympic Day in Korea on this blog!

Annika Lenz, a diver from the USA preparing for the Youth Olympic Games, shared some very cool pictures of herself and her sister enjoying some summer fun with an Olympic theme!

Fellow athlete Laurens Sweeck, a Belgian biker, had a very active day by celebrating Olympic Day with a big training session. He’s keeping his focus firmly on the Youth Olympic Games! Laurens said, “I hope all the athletes of the YOG will have a great summer!”

The Youth Olympic Games are being held from 14 to 26 August 2010.

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