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20 Feb 2010
IOC News

YOG ambassadors prepare for Singapore

With the very first Youth Olympic Games only a couple of months shy from marking its place in history, young ambassadors are preparing to pump some motivation into the blood of young athlètes.

“I hope to be high energy and enthusiastic in a constructive way and also try to be a guide for the athletes,” said 25-year-old Canadian YOG ambassador Callum Ng.

The young ambassador programme is an extension of the culture and education segment of the YOG that brings together ambassadors from 30 different National Olympic Committees and 90 ambassadors from Singapore to act as role models.

“Being a role model for the young athletes means showing them that what they're learning in their sport transfers into other areas of their lives both now later down the road,” Ng said.

The YOG's Culture and Education Programme (CEP) encourages the young athletes to go beyond competing and to engage themselves in camp-like field trips and activities that promote things like team building and tolerance.

“I will definitely be very strongly encouraging athletes to get involved,” Ng said about the CEP, which is not mandatory for athletes.

“I understand the performance aspect of the competition is paramount; however, there’s a lot to be gained that could contribute to their performances in the future.”

Ng, an athlete himself, recalls his first national team experience at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival and how it highlighted the values gained from participating in international events.

“It was a really cool experience,” Ng said. “It really opened my eyes and I really understand the power of this experience for young people.”

In March, Ng and the other ambassadors will be meeting in Singapore for an Ambassador Seminar to participate in workshops and introductions to the role the CEP can play in athletes’ lives come August.

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter

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