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03 Sep 2004
IOC News : over 5 million visitors

During the month of August, over five million visitors have logged on to for news from the Olympic Games in Athens. This represents over 50 million page views, which is six times more than during the Games in Sydney in 2000. The peak day during the Athens Games saw 376,000 visitors to the site.

Play and Win!
Over 120,000 people have tested their sporting knowledge and taken part in the competition (which runs till September 12) to win one of 300 ATHENS 2004 video games, and close to 10,000 people have replied to the “Who is your favourite athlete?” poll.

The average visitor spent more than 10 minutes on the site, browsing the thousands of pages of information, available in English and French, the two official languages of the IOC.

News and More
During the Games, several news stories were posted per day in addition to press releases for the media. Visitors were invited to enter a virtual Olympic village in Athens with 3D images to represent the main landmarks. They could also hear all about it by listening to audio interviews of athletes, members of the Olympic family and volunteers present at the Games. Sporting celebrities such as Carl Lewis and Cathy Freeman expressed their views on Olympism to the microphone of The site also offered photos of the action and behind the scenes in Athens, including a Kodak-sponsored “photo of the day”.
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