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23 Nov 2004
Olympic News

World Press Briefing

One hundred and thirty media representatives met in Turin last week for the first World Press Briefing, as they prepare to bring the stories of Turin 2006 to the world. The media were provided with venue tours of the mountains, stadiums and non-competition venues that will serve the athletes and other Olympic Games stakeholders in the lead-up to the Opening Ceremony on 10 February 2006 and beyond. The TOROC media operations and media relations teams were joined by venue and competitions teams and by IOC Press Commission Chairman Kevan Gosper and other members, who teamed up to explain the facilities and operations.

Planning for Success
With the larger media operations bringing dozens of journalists to Turin for the Olympic Winter Games, advance planning is essential. The Winter Games also involve increased travel times, given the distances from the host city centre to the nearby mountains. Editors and production staff must work hard to ensure the best use of journalists' and photographers' time.

Efforts to ensure best coverage
The competition schedule forms the basis for that planning, but travel times, accommodation, venue locations and deadlines all play an important part. World press briefings in the host cities of the Olympic Games are a key part of the approach taken by the IOC and the Organising Committees for the Olympic Games in their efforts to ensure the athletes' performances are given the attention and coverage they deserve.

Turning Attention to Turin

For many of the globetrotting journalists at the World Press Briefing, it was a first opportunity to visit Turin and the nearby mountains. Most liked what they saw. “I’d already been to Milan, Venice and Florence and I must admit that Turin is in no way inferior to those cities," USA Today journalist Mary Byrne told organisers. “The Turin Games are not very well known yet; but after people read my articles, I’m sure there will be a lot of them who will want to come here”.

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