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05 Mar 2003
IOC News

World Conference on Doping in Sport

The World Conference on Doping in Sport ended today with a resolution backed by the signature of 50 governments accepting the code as the basis for the fight against doping.

In his closing remarks, the IOC President Jacques Rogge said:

"Today is an important and joyful day. We have done good and much needed work but we must continue in the same spirit.

The English have an excellent expression: 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating.' The future will tell us if today was a pivotal day in the fight against doping.

We approved the code but we still need to adopt it and implement it in our rules and legislations. The deadline is 2006 and I urge everyone in this room to continue to work in the same spirit. What we have done is very promising as it will allow WADA to fight harder and with more efficiency.

I would like to thank WADA, especially the team that drafted the code, Governments, the representatives of the Olympic Movement, International Federations, Athletes and our Danish friends.

Shakespeare unfairly wrote in Hamlet: 'There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.' But I can tell you that thanks to the Danes, there is something far less rotten in the Kingdom of sport."

The IOC President also addressed the Opening Ceremony of the conference on 3 March 2003.
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