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04 Aug 2004
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Wishing you bon appétit at the Olympic Museum Restaurant

Last October, the Olympic Museum Restaurant acquired a new chef, 38-year-old Frenchman Pascal Beaud’huin, who has been living in Switzerland for over 12 years.

This excellent cook started out work at renowned chef Paul Bocuse’s restaurant in Lyon. From 1991 onwards, Fredy Girardet and Philippe Rochat enabled him to refine his skills. A Sagittarius, Beaud’huin enjoys travelling and exoticism, both of which led him to discover new ingredients, aromas and spices that he now uses in European cuisine with harmony and subtlety.

Consequently, since last autumn, the Olympic Museum Restaurant has offered a choice of original menus, reminiscent of traditional home cooking, as well as travel and flavours from throughout the world.

With the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad coming up, the summer menu is fragrant with lamb, goat’s cheese, aubergines, olive oil, tarragon and basil. Several first courses, as well as a choice of typically Greek meat, fish and pasta, are now on the menu until the end of August.

With the Museum’s “Destination Olympia” theme, the restaurant offers another way of immersing oneself into the warm, friendly atmosphere of these Summer Games.
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