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26 Sep 2003
IOC News

What is the relationship between Sport and the Academic World?

"Sport World and Academic World – What relationship?" This is the theme of the 7th ENSEE (European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment) Forum, which is being organised by the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS), between 26 and 29 September in Lausanne, Switzerland, in cooperation with the IOC's Olympic Studies Centre and the Olympic Museum.

Relationship building
Prominent keynote speakers will focus on issues like relationship building and action plans in coaching, health, fitness and physical education. IOC members Denis Oswald, Patrick Hickey and Craig Reedie are among the speakers, and will deal specifically with the European Olympic perspective.

Identify key players
The main objectives of the Forum are to explore the future relationship between the sports sector and education at a European level; to identify the key players and their roles and responsibilities in the construction of future scenarios; and to work out action plans for developing the relationship between education and the sports sector.

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