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14 May 2008
IOC News

What is Olympic Express?

Olympic Express is the first Olympic Games “e-journal” for young people from all over the world. It’s interactive, contains a wide range of animated features and provides all the information you need to be able to follow the planet’s biggest sporting event.

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From a bi-weekly…
From today until 8 August, you can learn all about the Olympic Games’ 35 different sporting disciplines. Olympic Express will come out twice a week. It will feature reports on individual stars, teams and technical details about specific sports; in fact, it will tell you everything you need to know to become an expert in any sport you like. 

… to an e-daily
When the Beijing Games are actually underway, Olympic Express will become an e-daily, so that we can bring you news of all the competition’s events and sporting exploits, as well as stories, large and small, about the world’s greatest athletes. 

Special editions
 After the Games, on 25 August, we will publish a special edition featuring the best photos from the competition. Then, on 28 August, you will be able to read a special issue on the Paralympics, the Games for athletes with disabilities. The Paralympics generally take place just after the Olympic Games. This year they will be held in Beijing, starting on 6 September. Finally, on 1 September, our last issue will focus on the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. In 2010, young people will also be able to celebrate the Olympic spirit by taking part in their own Games.  
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