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07 Feb 2014
Sochi 2014 , IOC News , YOG

Welcome to Sochi - the YOG reporting team is here!

Priviet from Ruskiland! It’s time for an Olympic extravaganza, and the YOG reporting team is here in Sochi to bring you the latest from the YOGgies participating in the Olympic Winter Games - from athletes to ambassadors!

We are your roving reporting team who will bring you an insight, YOG-style, into the Games from bright and beautiful Sochi – the breathtakingly spectacular host city. 

Celebrating girl power, first in line is the talented Anna Konovalova, our Russian photographer. She will be snapping the athletes at their colourful best on the slope or from within the rink. This is her first Olympic experience, and the feisty 20-year-old is ready to go! On her home territory, an added advantage of having her around is her proficiency as an interpreter!

After the sweet, let’s bring in the spicy. I’m Sonali Prasad from the sub-tropical island of Singapore. As you can imagine, I am absolutely freezing here but that doesn’t stop me from making my snow angels everywhere I go. I will bring you the brightest and best about our YOG athletes, ambassadors and role models who are here and spreading the YOG spirit long after their Innsbruck 2012 experience! Being a graduate of the Singapore 2010 Young Reporter Programme, I have been on a long journey through to Innsbruck 2012 and London 2012 to finally be here in Sochi. I’m thrilled and excited, so let the Games begin!


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