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Webinar for small states of Europe

30 Nov 2020
On 11 November, the OM Unit PMC organised a webinar for the nine small states of Europe in order to educate them about the phenomenon of competition manipulation, what they can do at their level and how to cooperate with state and police authorities for an efficient cross-sector approach.

Maja Pekovic, SPOC at the NOC of Montenegro stated: “I found this training very useful. The presentations will really help my NOC – just like the other NOCs of the small states of Europe – to develop relevant activities against competition manipulations. The experiences shared by other NOCs were also enlightening and inspirational. We look forward to further working with the OM Unit PMC on this important topic.”

Representatives from the UNODC, INTERPOL and EUROPOL also joined the session to share their expertise. So did the European Olympic Committees (EOC), which have been organising the Games of the Small States of Europe since 1995.

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