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08 Jul 2005
IOC News , 117th Session

Vote on the Olympic programme for the 2012 Games

IOC members will vote on 8 July 2005 in a secret ballot on each of the 28 Olympic sports that were on the Athens Olympic programme. The Executive Board will not make any recommendations on the inclusion or exclusion of any of the sports.

From Olympic sport……
The result of the votes will be announced at the end of the whole ballot. If one or several Olympic sports are not accepted to be part of the Olympic programme in 2012 by not reaching a majority (more than 50% of the votes), the sport(s) will nevertheless remain on the list of Olympic sports (Rule 46 of the Olympic Charter).
… to the Olympic programme
If one or several sports are not accepted on to the programme of the 2012 Olympic Games, it is possible that another sport can be admitted to the programme. In the event of this happening, the Executive Board will meet on the evening of 8 July, and will determine the candidate sport(s) (International Roller Sports Federation, World Squash Federation, International Golf Federation, World Karate Federation or the International Rugby Board) to be put forward to the Session for possible admission.
Proposal of the Executive Board
On 9 July, the IOC members will decide, by secret ballot, on the Executive Board’s proposal.  So that a sport becomes an Olympic sport, it must obtain a majority of two-thirds; so that an Olympic sport is admitted to the Olympic programme, it is necessary to obtain a simple majority.
Report by the Olympic Programme Commission

On 13 June 2005, the IOC published the report prepared by the Olympic Programme Commission containing an evaluation of the 28 sports currently on the Olympic programme, as well as five other candidate sports. The full report is currently available online.


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