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12 Aug 2004
IOC News

Virtual village on today launched the “virtual village” with additional facts, figures, interviews and background on the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games. The launch of this section is linked to an interview with nine-time Olympic champion Carl Lewis.

"The best of the best"
A four-time Olympic Games participant, Lewis says in an interview on that the Games are about togetherness, fellowship, and sharing. “It is about bringing together the best of the best. It is one of the only events in the world that brings everyone together.” When asked what makes a great Olympian, Lewis responded: “Someone that enjoys the experience and leaves there different - a different person.”

Tribute to volunteers
In the virtual village the website also pays tribute to the thousands of volunteers that are doing an extraordinary job during the Games. Portraits and audio interviews illustrate their commitment.

Number of doping test
The village also provides facts and figures. The number of doping tests is updated every day. In the media section 13 fact sheets provide the basic information on the Olympic Movement, the IOC and specific issues at a glance. The village also gives direct access to the Olympic News section of the site with regular updated news on the Movement and the Olympic Games.

62,000 visitors per day
The website of the Olympic Movement attracts more and more visitors. During the month of August the website delivered more than 5,5 million pages so far. On average, more than 62,000 visitors accessed the site per day. The average duration of a visit was more than 13 minutes. The most popular sections are “Olympic Games”, “Sports” and “Athletes” which proves that fulfills its role as an informative tool for the Olympic Movement – the ultimate reference!

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