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25 Feb 2009
IOC News , Olympic Congress 2009

Very last call

One last chance to contribute to the virtual Olympic Congress. For five more days – until 28 February 2009 - the public can seize the opportunity to contribute to the virtual Olympic Congress on So far, over 1,200 contributions have been registered. “We are very happy with the input from the public. Even if the number may be considered as a little bit low, we are pleased by the quality of these contributions. The exercise was not an easy one,” underlined IOC Director General Urs Lacotte.

Five themes
All five themes linked to the Olympic Games, athletes, the governance of the Olympic Movement, young people, and the digital revolution have inspired the people contributing. “This shows sound interest in the Olympic Movement and its future”, added Lacotte. 
The contributions of the Olympic Movement will be published in July, together with an in-depth analysis of trends expressed in all contributions from the public. This publication will be the basis for the debate in Copenhagen.

Twenty invitations to participate in Copenhagen
Twenty people who have sent the most interesting proposals will be invited to the Congress, where they can debate with the Olympic leadership and other representatives from society on the Congress themes.
The virtual Congress has also found its place on the social networking website Facebook, with a fan page that has attracted several hundred people.

 Discover the virtual Olympic Congress on Facebook
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