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09 Dec 2009
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

VANCOUVER 2010: The Games Are Coming!

Making its final presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB), before the Olympic athletes arrive in Vancouver for the start of the XXI Olympic Winter Games, the Vancouver 2010 Organising Committee (VANOC) reported on the advanced state of Games preparations and its areas of current focus. VANOC CEO John Furlong led the presentation and spoke to the EB about topics such as the handing over of the venues, including the ongoing overlay work; the application of the Look of the Games at the venues; and the implementation of VANOC’s Games-time operational plans. He also spoke about the growing excitement around the Games, as the Olympic Torch Relay makes its way across Canada and spreads the Olympic values to thousands of people every day.

The Games Are Coming!

Speaking after the presentation, René Fasel, the Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Vancouver Games, said: “We once again heard a very positive report from the team at VANOC, showing the continued progress that they are making, with the Games only 65 days away. The excitement is clearly building, and you can see that the preparations for the Games are where they need to be at this stage. As the Olympic Torch Relay makes its way back across Canada and our Canadian friends put the finishing touches to their preparations, no-one can be in any doubt that the Vancouver Games are coming!”

Growing Excitement

VANOC also discussed the growing excitement around the Games during its presentation. Of particular importance was the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, which has now been on the road for 41 days, spreading a message of peace and friendship, as it heralds the start of the Games. In the Games region itself, VANOC also spoke about the steady increase in Games visuals around the city, as VANOC and its partners start to dress up the venues and different Games sites, thus beginning the region’s final transformation into its Olympic outfit.


Vancouver and Whistler will host the XXI Olympic Winter Games from 12 to 28 February 2010 and the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games from 12 to 21 March 2010. The seven Winter Olympic sports that will be on show in Vancouver are luge, skiing, skating, ice hockey, biathlon, bobsleigh and curling.

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