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02 Feb 2005
IOC News

VANCOUVER 2010: IOC President visits Whistler ahead of 2010

On day three of the IOC President’s visit to Canada, he will be travelling from Vancouver to Whistler, which will host the majority of the Alpine, Nordic and sliding events during the 2010 Games. President Rogge will be shown many of the venues that the Organising Committee of the XXI Olympic Winter Games - Vancouver 2010 (VANOC) - plans to use during the Games, and he will also meet His Worship Hugh O’Reilly, Mayor of the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The President will also address the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and be present at a First Nations event. As the President returns to Vancouver, he will stop off in Richmond to meet His Worship Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of the City of Richmond, which is home to the speed skating oval.

Skiing and sliding in Whistler
Whistler will be the venue for almost all of the outdoor winter Olympic sports. The only outdoor sports not present in Whistler will be freestyle skiing and snowboarding. This means that the Whistler area will host the downhill, Super-G, slalom, combined downhill and combined slalom disciplines, as well as the biathlon, cross-country, ski jumping, Nordic combined, bobsleigh, skeleton and luge events.

Mountain venues
There will be three principal venues in Whistler: the mountains of Whistler Creekside and Blackcomb will welcome the Alpine skiing events that will be held in the Whistler area, as well as the brand-new Whistler sliding centre, which will hold the luge, bobsleigh and skeleton events during the 2010 Games. All the Nordic events - biathlon, cross-country, ski jumping and Nordic combined - will be held at the new Whistler Nordic Centre, which is to be located in the Callaghan Valley.

Competitions in Whistler
The schedule of skiing and sliding events in Whistler will certainly evolve between now and the Games in 2010. However, over the course of the 17 days of Games, there will be something for everyone who is interested in outdoor winter sports at Whistler. It is also expected that many of the medals that are won in Whistler will also be presented there.

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