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08 Apr 2005
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

VANCOUVER 2010: IOC Coordination Commission Ends Successful Visit To Vancouver

The 2nd Coordination Commission visit to Vancouver came to a successful conclusion after two days of fruitful meetings and visits. During its stay, the Commission met not only with members of the Organising Committee for the XXI Olympic Winter Games – Vancouver 2010 (VANOC), but also local partners such as city, provincial and federal governments and the First Nations.

Continuing review
The two days of meetings covered a wide range of topics including sport, venue planning, accommodation, transport and security. There were also opportunities for the Commission members to visit the sites of some of the 2010 venues. The next Coordination Commission meeting will take place in Vancouver next year, after the XX Olympic Winter Games – Turin 2006, but the Commission’s Executive will return to Vancouver over the coming months to participate in the regular project review meetings between the IOC and VANOC.

Common goal of serving sport¨
After the meetings, IOC Coordination Commission Chairman René Fasel commented, “Preparing for the Olympic Games is a team effort. The IOC is delighted to see all the partners here in Vancouver on the same side, working towards a common goal of serving sport and the athletes.” This team includes the IOC, which Mr Fasel emphasised when he said, “The IOC has been helping VANOC learn the lessons of past Games, emphasising best practice, legacy and sustainability. It has been satisfying to see that VANOC has taken those lessons to heart.” He continued, “In recent years, the IOC has made significant efforts to improve Olympic Games preparations, working hard to transfer knowledge, improve planning and manage risk. The IOC’s fruitful partnership with VANOC shows how the Olympic Games are set to reap the rewards of that hard work.”

Lasting legacies
VANOC Chief Executive Officer John Furlong concurred with Mr Fasel when he said, “Our vision is clear – to touch the soul of the nation and inspire the world by delivering an extraordinary Games experience in 2010, with lasting legacies.” Mr. Furlong continued, “We’ll achieve that vision by working as one team with our partners and with the IOC’s valuable guidance every step of the way.”

Vancouver 2010
Vancouver will host the XXI Olympic Winter Games from 12 to 28 February 2010. The mountain events will take place in Whistler, which will also host the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games from 12 to 21 March 2010.

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