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18 Aug 2009
IOC News , Olympic Congress 2009

Values, more than values

Values and vision are the backbone for any organisation. The strength of the Olympic Movement is based on the initial set of values introduced by its founder Pierre de Coubertin. One hundred years later, these values are still valid and will be discussed at the upcoming Olympic Congress in Copenhagen from 3 to 5 October 2009. These values have inspired many artists. For example, in this video, sport’s photographer John Huet shows how the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect are intrinsically linked to sport and the joy it can provide.
Excellence, however, is not only about winning, it is also about giving one’s best throughout a sporting career, on the pitch, during training and beyond. Respect goes beyond fair play on the pitch and also includes the notion of respecting an adversary, respecting one’s body and all the rules regulating a sport. Friendship that starts in a stadium can grow and become a sustainable, long-term relationship beyond any boundaries of countries, race, religion or gender. Enjoy John Huet’s inspiring video.
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