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30 Mar 2016
IOC News , Development through sport

Using sport to foster peace and understanding on 6 April!

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is once again gearing up to celebrate the power of sport on 6 April – the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) - and highlight how sport can help build a peaceful and better world.

Every day, everywhere around the world, sport is used as a tool to improve education, improve health, promote social inclusion, promote gender equality and foster peace. Through the stories and actions of some inspiring athletes and sporting projects from Brazil and beyond, the IOC is eager to demonstrate how individuals from all walks of life and the Olympic Movement are using sport for the betterment of humanity.
This year, the IOC has selected three exceptional projects in India/Pakistan, Rwanda and Brazil, which will be showcased in the run-up to, and on, the IDSDP. These outstanding initiatives are exemplary of how sport unites people and promotes a culture of peace, builds trust and self-confidence and establishes bridges between groups in conflict.

In this Olympic year, it is an opportune time to also emphasise the power of the Games to promote solidarity and tolerance not only among participants, fans and the local community in Rio de Janeiro, but also among people all over the world. For the duration of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Village will once again embody tolerance and solidarity in its purest form, as athletes from all 206 National Olympic Committees cohabit together in harmony, sending an unequivocal message of peace to the world.

So stay tuned, and join the movement at #sport4betterworld!

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