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27 Dec 2005
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Uniform worn by gymnast Savino Guglielmetti given to the Olympic Museum

Official uniform of the Italian gymnasts at the OG in 1932
The official uniform worn by gymnast Savino Guglielmetti at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932 has just been given to the Olympic Museum. It was designed by Missoni, which explains the refined look of this off-white outfit in soft knit, comprising trousers, a short-sleeved pullover with the Italian flag on the front, and a belted jacket with long, sky-blue lapels. This donation was made in the framework of an Italian documentary devoted to the athlete.
Double Olympic medallist
At the Games of the X Olympiad in Los Angeles in 1932, Savino Guglielmetti won an individual gold medal in the pommel horse, and another with his team in the gymnastics final rankings. He was a member of the delegation of 102 Italian athletes present at these Games, including seven gymnasts, of whom he was the representative.
Who is Savino Guglielmetti ?
He was born in Milan on 26 November 1911. Two unusual episodes marked his childhood. Run over violently by a taxi, he escaped uninjured. Later, he fell from the fourth floor of a building, but managed to soften the blow by hanging onto electricity cables. This leads us to believe that the young Savino had a real talent for acrobatics, and a predisposition for gymnastics...
A great sporting career
As an adolescent, he was first attracted to pole vaulting, a discipline which he never stopped practising. In 1927, he became a member of the Pro Patria gymnastics society, and from then on, he continued to make progress. After his triumph in Los Angeles, Savino Guglielmetti participated again in the Berlin and London Games. Today, at the age of 94, he is still a member of the Italian Gymnastics Federation and the Pro Patria 1883 gymnastics society. In 2000, he was awarded the Olympic Order.
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