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08 Feb 2010
IOC News , Vancouver 2010

UN appeal for the Olympic Truce

The United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and the President of the 64th UN General Assembly, Ali Abdussalam Treki, have called today on all UN Member States to observe the traditional Olympic Truce during the XXI Olympic Winter Games from 12 to 28 February and the X Winter Paralympic Games from 12 to 21 March 2010 in Vancouver.

Celebration of positive values of sport

In his message, Ban Ki-moon recalled that “at the Olympics and throughout the year, we rightly honour the outstanding achievements of the human body and the positive social values of competitive sport, including team spirit and fairness” before adding that “peace and stability are essential for people to reach their true potential.  The Olympic Truce is based on that yearning, and on ideals shared by the UN and the Olympic Movement alike: global friendship, harmony, non-violence and non-discrimination”.

For a peaceful future through sport

For his part, the UN GA President noted that “the Olympic Movement aspires to contribute to a peaceful future for all humankind through the educational value of sport. The Games will bring together athletes from all parts of the world in the greatest of international sports events as a means to promote peace, mutual understanding and goodwill among nations and peoples — goals that are also part of the founding values of the United Nations”, before underlining the mutual cooperation between the two organizations and their common projects.

Joint call to observe the Truce

Ban Ki-moon concluded his statement by “urging warring parties all over the world to lay down their weapons during the XXI Olympic Winter Games.  Let us start with the Olympic Truce, and continue even after the games are played and the medals awarded”. While Ali Abdussalam Treki called solemnly all Member States “to demonstrate their commitment to the Olympic Truce Games, and to undertake concrete actions at the local, national, regional and world levels to promote and strengthen a culture of peace and harmony based on the spirit of the Truce.”

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