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26 Jan 2006
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UBS Strengthens its Partnership with the Olympic Museum

Long-time partners
A long-time partner of the Museum, UBS has now become the Official Partner of the institution for the whole of its Museum and educational programme in Lausanne. For the largest bank in Switzerland, this is its biggest ongoing involvement in the French-speaking region of the country. It symbolises perfectly UBS’s policy of linking sport and culture.
UBS sponsorship policy: linking sport and culture
Manuel Leuthold, UBS Regional Head for Western Switzerland, said, “Several years ago, we saw that the Olympic Museum was the ideal place to combine these two concepts. Furthermore, it is an exceptional setting to receive our partners and organise symposiums and talks. In this city, in which the Olympic Movement and Maurice Béjart co-exist, the Olympic Museum symbolises our policy perfectly!" 
Signing at the Olympic Museum
The signing of the agreement was followed by a lunch at the Olympic Museum, attended by Peter Schmid, UBS’s Global Head of Marketing & Sales Development; Christof P. Marti, the bank’s Global Head of Sponsoring & Events; Manuel Leuthold; Urs Lacotte, Director General of the International Olympic Committee; and Francis Gabet and Didier Blanchard, the Olympic Museum’s Director and Operations Manager respectively.
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