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14 Jan 2004
IOC News , Press Release

Two Years Of Hard Work Ahead For Turin 2006 Organisers

During three days of meetings and venue tours, the 6th Coordination Commission visit to Turin allowed International Olympic Committee (IOC) members, staff and experts to study progress made by the Organising Committee for the Turin 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOROC).


“We were pleased to see how much work has been completed since our last visit, but there is no reason to be complacent. Construction timelines are very tight. In some cases, venues are not due to be ready until just weeks before the test events that are critically important to Games preparations,” said Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy. “TOROC will soon reach the two-year-to-go mark and will do so with no time to spare.”


A productive series of meetings and working groups saw Commission members address the full range of planning and operational issues: from communication to transport, from city operations to accommodation. A venue tour allowed a first-hand look at renovation and construction work at many of the sites that will serve as the focus of the Games in Turin.


“We appreciated the presence of Minister Frattini, showing the commitment of the national government, just as we were happy to see the members of the Cabina de Regia [supervisory body] back around the same table, working together again for the good of the Games,” said Killy. “The new Atrium will be a great showcase and communications tool for TOROC in Turin. The enthusiasm of people here for the Games is clear to see. It is time, also, for people all over the country to remember that Turin won the right to host the Games not just for Piedmont, but for all of Italy. Over the next 24 months, TOROC’s communications efforts will reach out to the whole country.”


“As TOROC’s organisation grows, filling its impressive new offices, the challenge of integrating the various Olympic Games functions grows too,” said Killy. “Organising the Olympic Games is a team effort: all of TOROC’s staff will be brought together by the challenges of the next two years, working alongside their partners at city, regional and national level.”


In the coming months, working groups of the Coordination Commission will continue to meet regularly with their TOROC counterparts, and the entire Commission will officially reconvene in Turin in June.
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