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07 Mar 2016
RIO 2016 , IOC News

Two more Rio 2016 venues unveiled

On 2 March, two new venues were officially declared ready for action at the Deodoro Olympic Park cluster.

The Deodoro Stadium will play host to the rugby and sections of the modern pentathlon, as well as the Paralympic football events, while the adjacent Deodoro Youth Arena will stage the basketball and fencing competitions.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Robledo Veiga of the Brazilian men’s rugby team as he tested the turf at the Deodoro stadium, alongside female players from the local Niteroi Rugby Club. The venue will also host the horse riding and combined running and shooting sections of the modern pentathlon competition during the Rio 2016 Games, as well as the 7-a-side football tournament at the Paralympic Games.

Deodoro Stadium, which will have 15,000 temporary seats installed for the Games, is located next to the Youth Arena and the Deodoro Aquatics Centre, meaning that all five parts of the modern pentathlon competition will take place within easy walking distance of one another.

Davi Grael, another member of the Brazilian men’s rugby team expressed his delight that Rio would have the honour of welcoming his sport back to the Olympic fold after a 92-year absence. “I am so happy to know that this will happen in Rio,” he said. “And this pitch is of international quality.”

Meanwhile, over at the Youth Arena, which will have 3,000 temporary and 2,000 permanent seats, wheelchair fencer Mônica Santos was enjoying an early preview of the venue that will host her sport. “It’s important to be here and see that everything is up to international standards,” she said.

Among the dignitaries in attendance at the unveiling of the two venues was Rio 2016 CEO Sidney Levy, who said: “The organising committee is on top of everything. We’re on time, on budget and are setting an example for Brazilian society of serious, professional work. This is part of the legacy that we are leaving: not only the stadiums, but also the attitude and professionalism that we will show until the end.”

Deodoro Stadium is set to host the official test event for rugby on 5-6 March, and will then stage similar test events for the riding and running/shooting sections of the modern pentathlon on 10-14 March, with the fencing taking place in the Youth Arena and the swimming at the Deodoro Aquatics Centre.

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