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16 Feb 2006
IOC News

Two million visitors for

The Olympic Movement’s web site has just passed the two-million visitor barrier. Since the Opening Ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin on 10 February, and up until today, 16 February, 2.1 million visitors have logged onto

News and More
During the Turin Games, several news stories are posted every day on the homepage of Visitors are invited to enter a virtual Olympic Village in Turin with 3D images to represent the main landmarks. The site also offers photos of the action and behind-the-scenes in Turin, including a Kodak-sponsored “photo of the day”. As a reference web site for the Olympic Games, it provides information, results, photos and videos on all the editions of the Olympic Games since 1896, and details outstanding performances from over 400 athletes. A special section is dedicated to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
6,000 participants in web site competition
The web site competition on, which gives participants the chance to win the official video game of the Turin 2006 Games, in either Playstation, Xbox or PC format, had a good start. So far, 6 000 participants have entered. Two hundred and fifty “Torino 2006” games are at stake. The competition will run until 15 March 2006.The winners will be chosen by prize draw.
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