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09 Jun 2005
IOC News , Press Release

Turin on track for 2006

Following three days of positive meetings combined with full tours of city and mountain venues, the IOC’s Coordination Commission has successfully concluded its ninth and penultimate visit to the host city of the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In addition to reviewing the progress made by the Organising Committee for the Turin 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOROC) and by public authorities, the Coordination Commission specifically addressed the services that will be provided to the athletes, International Federations, National Olympic Committees, the media, spectators and sponsors.

“We have seen great progress here in Turin, with venue construction, infrastructure and city beautification advancing on track and the organisation of the Games moving ahead well,” said Coordination Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy. “The quality of construction and the detailed work of the Organising Committee should provide a first-rate experience for the athletes, who will be arriving less than eight months from now.”


“Since the full Coordination Commission visit in December of last year, a solution has been found to the potential budget concerns and the Organising Committee has been given a fresh sense of direction and renewed purpose,” said Killy. “The IOC has also been pleased to note improved cooperation by the local, regional and national government, with that cooperation delivering positive results.”


“The Commission’s next full visit will take place in November, by which time all venues and infrastructure must be finished in time for the final tests that are vital to Olympic Games success. By November, the Organising Committee should also be fully operational,” said Killy. “There should be no doubt that a huge amount of work remains to be done before the Games. The IOC is confident that the remaining work can and will be completed successfully, delivering Olympic Games that demonstrate the best of Italy.”


TOROC President Valentino Castellani said: “We are always pleased to welcome the IOC to Turin and especially so when we have so much good news to report. We are confident that both the physical and organisational aspects will be ready for these Italian Games to be brought to life by the athletes and spectators.”


“Venues like the Palavela, the Olympic Village and Torino Esposizioni show how the city’s past is meeting its future,” said Killy. “The IOC is pleased to note that local and regional authorities are already considering legacy provisions, to ensure that venues used during the Games will make a healthy contribution to the future long after the Games have left the city.”   


Working groups of the Coordination Commission, including experts in construction and other fields, will continue to visit Turin during the coming months. The full Commission will meet again in Turin in November 2005.

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