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04 May 2004
IOC News

Turin 2006: ticket sales start in November 2004

Olympic enthusiasts all over the world will be able to purchase tickets for the XX Olympic Winter Games as of 4 November 2004. The procedure will be simple, quick and available to everyone.

Tickets can be bought on website
In Italy, tickets can be purchased through the website, the Turin 2006 call centre, the 3,000 branches of the Sanpaolo Group (Main Sponsor of Turin 2006) and through the over 400 sales points of TicketOne (Official Supplier of ticketing services). For the countries of the European Union and European Economic Area, tickets will be on sale through the web, the Turin 2006 call centre and the sales organisations of the National Olympic Committees. In all other countries, tickets can be bought exclusively through National Olympic Committees. All detailed information will be available on the Turin 2006 website:

Ticket prices
The single sport events ticket prices will range between 20 and 70 euros for the curling competitions; from 25 to 110 euros for the Alpine skiing races; from 20 to 70 euros for cross-country skiing; from 35 to 90 euros for snowboarding; from 20 to 90 euros for freestyle skiing; from 20 to 60 euros for the biathlon; from 30 to 90 euros for the Nordic combined; between 35 and 170 euros for ski jumping; from 25 to 50 euros for the bob and luge; from 35 to 50 euros for the skeleton; from 30 to 95 for speed skating; from 40 to 90 euros for short track; from 70 to 370 euros for figure skating; and between 20 and 350 euros for hockey matches. Half of the tickets will cost 50 euros or less and, on average, prices are 23 per cent lower than for Salt Lake City 2002.

Opening Ceremony
To attend the Opening Ceremony of the Games, a show that will be followed by over three billion people through a worldwide telecast, spectators will pay between 250 and 850 euros; the tickets for the Closing Ceremony, which will mark the conclusion of the Games and the celebration of all the Olympic athletes, will be priced between 200 and 600 euros.

Survey conducted in Italy
A Eurisko Survey conducted recently in Italy showed the following results: over 72% of Italians declared a high degree of interest in Turin 2006 and over 7 million affirmed they would like to attend in person. It transpired that men prefer Alpine skiing, snowboarding, luge and hockey; while women are more interested in watching figure skating and freestyle and cross-country skiing. Forty-four per cent of those interviewed expressed their curiosity to know more about sports that are not so well-known in Italy, such as biathlon and curling.

Learn more on Turin 2006

Official website of Turin 2006
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