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16 Apr 2004
Olympic News

Turin 2006: Openvillage Tour starts in Catania

The Openvillage journey is starting this weekend in Catania (Sicily), in the lovely Bellini Gardens of Piazza Duomo. Openvillage is the travelling tour organised by TOROC to promote the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006 all over Italy.

Involving everyone in Italy in the Olympic Winter Games
Taking the “Villaggio” to the seaside, such as Catania, and soon to other seaside towns like Bari, Riccione, Cagliari, and Lignano, means that the Organising Committee has a chance to increase the public’s interest and involve everyone in Italy in the Olympic Winter Games, even those who have never been to the mountains.

Panoramic Theatre with 3D film
Openvillage will be open to the citizens of the Sicilian city this weekend from 6 o’clock on Friday evening until 6 o’clock on Sunday evening. Inside the large inflated dome of the Panoramic Theatre, visitors can watch a 3D film that will immerse them in a multi-sensory journey thanks to some extraordinary special effects. There will also be the great cylindrical stand of the Pavilion, with a store where official Turin 2006 products can be purchased, and a challenging presentation of Olympic winter sports where visitors can take a series of quizzes on Olympic topics; those who obtain the best results will be awarded a prize at the end of the show.

Market research: increasing awareness and interest
Recent market research carried out by the Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games (TOROC) shows that more and more Italians know that the Olympic Games will take place in Italy in 2006 and that their attitude towards the event is improving. In February 2003, about 41.6% of the Italian population was aware that the event would take place in Turin, and this figure has risen to 50.8% today.

92% of people interviewed acknowledge the importance of the Winter Games
Ninety-two percent of the people interviewed agreed that the Games were of great importance for the country. The population segments with the most favourable attitude towards the Games were people from the North Western part of Italy (37.7%), males (62.6%), those between 18 and 34 years old (28.9%) and those with a high level education (39.8%).

Special website
The Openvillage tour is a good opportunity to promote the Olympic Games and their values and to raise awareness and interest in the Games. A special website has been created for Openvillage ( which provides (in Italian only) all the details of the tour and the activities that are planned.

Openvillage Website
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