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14 Jan 2004
Olympic News

Turin 2006: Olympic Education Kit

The Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games, to be held in Turin in 2006, has started distributing some 4,500 copies of an education kit to schools in the Piedmont region.

Olympic values
"The Olympic Games represent a wonderful opportunity to promote the values that underpin the Olympic Movement, such as respect for the environment, fundamental human rights and health issues," TOROC Director Roberto Daneo said.

Visits to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
As part of its Olympic education programme, TOROC has organised visits for students to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne; an ecological programme, together with the Pracatinat business group and Piedmont's regional authorities; and a ski training programme, run jointly with Turin University's Sports Centre, CUS.

Multimedia teaching kit launch coming soon
20 January will also see the launch of a multimedia teaching kit that has been devised by a scientific committee set up by TOROC and Italy's Ministry of Education, University and Research. According to Daneo, the kit is made up of a paper manual, a CD-ROM, a VHS cassette and other information material.

Website for kids
Kids can also find additional information on the Internet. The website is part of TOROC'’s endeavour to promote Olympic values.

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