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26 Mar 2004
Olympic News

Turin 2006: Olympic champion Piero Gros welcomes aspiring volunteers

Olympic champion and Noi2006 “ambassador” Piero Gros welcomed aspiring volunteers yesterday in Turin. He welcomed the future volunteers on the occasion of the TOROC sponsorship announcement with Adecco.

Adecco sponsor of Turin 2006
Adecco has become the Official Supplier of human resources services for the XX Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Games to be held in Turin in 2006. Adecco will handle the recruitment, selection and training of the volunteers, and the professional development of the TOROC personnel.

20,000 volunteers
Adecco will direct the recruitment, selection and training of the 20,000 volunteers through its 500 branches located all over Italy. It will also be responsible for the basic training of the Noi2006 team leaders. It will further provide qualified personnel to TOROC and will supply the information system for online recruitment.

Noi2006 volunteer team
The volunteers of the Noi2006 team will carry out various tasks in different areas of activity, welcoming guests and accredited visitors, providing ticketing assistance, supervision and press services, assisting the Olympic family and driving official cars.

Most important ambassadors
The volunteers of the Noi2006 team will be the most important ambassadors for Turin 2006, the real hosts of the Olympic Games who will convey their passion to the athletes, members of the Olympic and Paralympic families and to all spectators: this will be each visitor's first impression of Torino2006, an impression that will remain firmly etched in their minds after the Games.

So what are you waiting for?
If you are over 18 and have time to devote to this task, then join the team by visiting the Turin 2006 website.

Learn more on Turin 2006

Official website of Turin 2006
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