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25 Nov 2004
Olympic News

Turin 2006: launch of merchandising campaign

From clothing to mountain and trekking accessories, from puzzles to glasses and gift articles, such as pens, pencils and pins…. These are just some of the countless Official Products belonging to Turin 2006’s new merchandising campaign that started up at the beginning of November and that will reach its climax during the Christmas period.

A local campaign, but global on the net
Naturally, the campaign is aimed at publicising the products and at stimulating the desire to take part in the great Olympic event that is Turin 2006. It particularly wants to focus its attention on communication at a local level.

Virtual store
Another way to see, get information about, and purchase Turin 2006 articles is through the e-commerce site: which, since 1 October, has been accessible through the English language version. This site is the virtual store, where you can buy all the official Olympic articles, CONI products and souvenirs featuring Neve and Gliz, the mascots of Turin 2006.

Learn more on Turin 2006

Official website Turin 2006

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