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20 Jan 2005
Olympic News

Turin 2006: Forza Italia!

The ISU European Short Track Championships, held last weekend at the Palavela in Turin, Italy, were a great success for the host nation, with Fabio Carta capturing the men’s European title for the seventh time and Marta Capurso taking bronze in the women’s overall standings. These results show that Italy is moving in the right direction, as it prepares to host the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in February 2006.

Carta’s Course To The Title
On day one of the Championships, Fabio Carta was denied a victory in the 1,500m, in front of his home crowd, when his German rival, Arian Nachbar, took advantage of Carta’s premature victory salute in order to scrape into first place - Nicola Franceschina of Italy also finished third. In the 500m final, Carta made amends for his earlier error by taking gold, beating Nachbar and Mikhail Rajine of Russia. For the 1,000m final, Carta could only manage fourth place behind Nicola Franceschina, Cees Juffermans of the Netherlands and Arian Nachbar. In the final race of the Championships, the 3,000m, the Belgian Pieter Gysel won gold, with Sebastian Praus of Germany finishing second. Fabio Carta managed to hold off Arian Nachbar to finish third and thus claimed the European crown in front of his home crowd and his mother, who was working as a volunteer at the event.

Russia, Bulgaria And Italy Top The Podium In The Women’s Event
In the ladies’ 1,500m event, the Bulgarian Evgenia Radanova took gold, while the Italian Marta Capurso won silver and the Russian Nina Evteeva finished third. During the 500m final, 20-year-old Russian Tatiana Borodulina pulled off a big surprise by beating the world record holder Radanova, who finished third, as Marta Capurso again finished second. On day two, in the 1,000m race, it was Radanova that triumphed again, defeating Borodulina and the German Yvonne Kunze. The competition was on a knife edge, as the ladies’ 3,000m superfinal came to an end, with Borodulina first, the Frenchwoman Stephanie Bouvier in second and Nina Evteeva in third - Radanova finishing fourth. This meant that while Borodulina and Radanova finished with the same number of points, the highest placed finisher in the superfinal, Tatiana Borodulina, became the overall winner and European Champion.

Italy Just Misses Out On Relay Glory
Despite finishing first in the men’s 5,000m relay, Italy was disqualified for impeding during the final and this meant that Germany took gold, with the Netherlands in silver medal position and the Ukraine in bronze. For the women’s 3,000m relay event, Russia took first place with France in second, Germany in third and Italy in fourth.

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