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27 Oct 2004
Olympic News

Turin 2006: 20,000 volunteer applications

Twenty thousand people have, so far, applied to be volunteers during the XX Olympic Winter Games,  Turin 2006, the Organising Committee (TOROC) announced last week, and with more applications arriving everyday, the “Noi 2006” volunteer programme is well underway.

Training Already Underway

TOROC expects that it will need 20,000 volunteers in order to organise the Olympic Games in 2006, and with new applications arriving every day, it is well on its way to achieving this objective. Indeed, with the Games still over a year away, 2,000 volunteer candidates have already completed the four-hour introductory course dedicated to Olympic Games knowledge and volunteer services in general.


Something For Everyone

Underlining the global appeal of the Olympic Games, the volunteers that have so far applied to TOROC come from all areas of society, ranging from young students, to pensioners, to professionals and employees. These applicants are all willing to use some of their holidays to participate in the Olympic Winter Games. While some volunteers are quite happy to work anywhere, some ask to be specifically placed in venues that will be close to where their favourite winter sport is taking place, whenever this is possible.



There are still many opportunities available for would-be volunteers. If you would like to be a part of the Olympic Winter Games in 2006, then you need to fill out the online registration form that can be found at Volunteers can be involved in many different areas of the Games, like welcoming the athletes, transporting the athletes and the press, handling press services or working with members of the Olympic Family.

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