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TOROC 2006: First Environmental Balance Sheet

22 Oct 2003
Olympic News

The Organising Committee of the XX Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin (TOROC) has released its first environmental balance sheet. The report is a vital part of Turin 2006's determination to embrace transparency when informing stakeholders about the effect of Games preparations on the environment.

Sustainability in a fragile ecosystem
Turin's aim is to ensure the Alps are used for sport in a sustainable way. As with other mountain ranges in the vicinity of densely populated areas, the Alps combine a fragile ecosystem with a high demand for sport and leisure use.
Implementing an approach based on sustainability has resulted in the adoption of clear measures, such as a Green Procurement programme that encourages the development of environmentally-sound products.

Olympic Village serves as model
Building on work carried out for the Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney in 2000. Turin 2006 has environmentally-ambitious plans for its Olympic Village. The athletes' home
during the Games will serve as a model for sustainable urban development.

World Conference on Sport and Environment
Thanks to the forthcoming 3rd World Conference on Sport and the Environment being hosted in Turin in early December, sports representatives from around the world will ensure that lessons learnt are exported far and wide.

"Driven by nature"
Indeed, the theme of environmental respect is one that will also be at the forefront of preparations for the 2010 Winter Games. Vancouver’s slogan is "From Sea to Sky, Driven by Nature."

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