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Torino 2006 - website revamped!

23 Oct 2003
Olympic News

New colours, new graphics and a completely new structure: with 842 days to go to the start of the Olympic Games, the renewed version of the website is now on line.

Dynamic images
The graphics reserve more space for dynamic images dedicated to the protagonists of the Games; colours that reflect the spectrum of values interpreted by the Organising Committee and a structure that simplifies navigation and access to the five sections: Sport, Passion, Events, Environment and Committee. The home page is modular; the centre of the page is dedicated to the main news events while the left-hand side of the page ("Notes") is reserved for related events, press releases, news and the Press Area.

"Spotlight on"
The right-hand side comprises "Spotlight on", with articles and feature stories from the Olympic world; the “Newsletter” with news, events and the latest info about sport, Olympism, the mountains and everything that revolves around the Games; "Job opportunities", the section dedicated to job offers, which you can answer by sending your CV; and the link to the ANSA Torino 2006 News Report and real-time weather bulletin of the Olympic area, a service provided by the ARPA (Regional Agency for the Environment) of Piedmont.

Accessibility first
The new version of the site gives priority to accessibility and immediate impact rather than a spectacular approach, with limited use of the typical applications of "entertainment" sites so as to facilitate access to the site by users of all levels.

Official website of Turin 2006

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