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08 Feb 2007
IOC News

TORINO 2006: Official Report To IOC Executive Board

The President of the Torino 2006 Organising Committee (TOROC), Valentino Castellani, today presented TOROC’s Official Report to the IOC Executive Board, almost one year to the day after the Opening Ceremony of these Olympic Winter Games, which began on 10 February 2006. Also present was Mario Pescante, IOC Executive Board member and the Games Supervisor of the Turin Games for the Italian Government. TOROC’s Official Report will also be presented to the IOC Session in Guatemala City this July.
A Magnificent Olympic Legacy
These Games, which were described as “truly magnificent Games” by IOC President Jacques Rogge, have, since the Closing Ceremony, written another magnificent chapter in their story – a legacy story. The Olympic venues and the knowledge gained through organising the Games have permitted Turin and the Piedmont Region to gain a great legacy, not only in the form of sporting, commercial and social facilities, such as student accommodation, sports venues and office premises, but also to have the knowledge base in events management that has seen Turin and the Piedmont region host 20 major sports events and 40 other events and concerts since the Games came to an end. Indeed to ensure the optimisation of this legacy, a post-Games foundation has been set up to work on the Olympic legacy, along with a management company which, using some of TOROC’s former staff members, will manage seven of the Olympic venues. Thanks to this legacy and the magic of the Games, many children in the region have now taken up winter sports.
The TOROC Official Report
The Official Report is produced by each Organising Committee after their edition of the Games has come to a close, and it provides an official record from the Organising Committee of how they staged the Games. The Official Report from TOROC comprises three books and two CD-ROMs. There is a book dedicated to a summary of Games preparations, TOROC’s Sustainability Report and a “portrait” book, which shows the Games off in stunning colour photography. The two CDs contain the results of the Turin Games and the Torino 2006 bid documents.
As this is the last time that TOROC reports to the IOC Executive Board, IOC President Rogge thanked President Castellani, Mario Pescante and all the TOROC team for their excellent achievements in putting on the Games. He concluded by saying, “You and the members of TOROC are members of the Olympic Family, and this is forever.” So while the Games may be over, this is not the end of TOROC and Turin’s Olympic adventure.
The Olympic Winter Games were held in Turin from 10 to 26 February 2006. The Turin Games comprised seven different sports and 15 different disciplines, which were played out in eight different competition sites. Around 2,500 athletes, 650 judges and umpires and over 900,000 spectators participated in this 20th edition of the Winter Games.
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