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28 Jun 2005
Olympic News

TORINO 2006: HECTOR To Neutralise Games Impact

The Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games – Torino 2006 (TOROC) has announced that the Piedmont Region has become the first public partner to join its HEritage Climate TORino (HECTOR) environmental protection programme. The region has allocated EUR 3 million to the project and will use the money to support companies that are awarded regional contracts and which want to help Torino 2006 neutralise its greenhouse gas emissions.

HECTOR, or the HEritage Climate TORino project, has the dual objective of drawing attention to the problems of climate change and of neutralising the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that will be produced by the Olympic Games in Turin. Following a recent study that took into consideration a number of factors related to energy consumption, it is estimated that Torino 2006 will produce an additional 120,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide during the Games period.

Carbon Credits
The money allocated by the Piedmont Region will be used to give companies that win contracts from the Region the economic resources necessary to conduct projects in the fields of energy and environment. The primary prerequisite in order to receive the Region’s assistance is that the companies proposing energy-saving initiatives must give the carbon credits generated by their projects to TOROC, thus compensating for the emissions produced during the Games.

TOROC And The Environment
These operations are part of a series of mechanisms and tools suggested by the Kyoto Protocol and by other voluntary reduction programmes. Under the HECTOR project, other programmes will be set up to deal with the issues of reforestation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. These projects will not only be in the 2006 Olympic area, but also in developing countries. TOROC President Valentino Castellani commented, “HECTOR has taken a fundamental step towards the realisation of a series of environmental policies for Torino 2006 that are destined to produce beneficial effects on the climate and economy of Piedmont.”

The Olympic Winter Games will be held in Turin from 10 to 26 February 2006. The Winter Games comprise seven different sports and 15 different disciplines, which will be played out in eight different competition sites. Around 2,500 athletes, 650 judges and umpires and 1.5 million spectators are expected to participate in this 20th edition of the Winter Games.

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