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30 Sep 2005
Olympic News

TORINO 2006: Arch Raised To Connect Lingotto And The Olympic Village

The footbridge that will connect the Olympic Village to the Lingotto Direction Centre, site of the Main Press Centre and International Broadcast Centre, has been raised. Identifiable from a distance thanks to its imposing red arch, the footbridge will allow athletes, and later Turinese, to walk from the site of the Olympic Village to the Lingotto area of town without having to circumvent the Lingotto railway yard.
The bridge is expected to form a direct link between the two great urban systems of Turin - this renewed “Olympic City”. By joining the regenerated ex-MOI area of the city, which will host the Olympic Village, to the ex-Fiat Factory, the Lingotto, the bridge will reinforce this connection, as the footbridge enters the Lingotto itself and actually extends beyond the limits that were initially set.
The bridge was designed by Hugh Dutton, who was given the objective of bringing Turin back to the top international level in technical and structural engineering. The aim was to create a powerful signal, visible from a distance that would become a landmark for the Games and for the Turin of the future. The arch has great power and lightness and recalls the elegant and light arcades of the MOI.
It took about three hours and 20 minutes to lift the arch into place, using two enormous cranes that were brought in during the summer from Belgium. All the elements of the footbridge are essential: their shape comes from the connecting function and the minimisation of the materials. The structural principle is like a bicycle wheel, where the arch is the rim, the stays are the spokes and the bridge structure is the pinion. The arch is inclined towards the Lingotto in order to favour the geometry of the stays and is asymmetrical to help the curved movement of the walkway.
Statistically Speaking
The arch is 69 metres high and has a triangular section. The deck of the bridge hangs from cables for a single long span of 156 metres without any other supports, and there is another 212 metres which are supported at either end.

The Olympic Winter Games will be held in Turin from 10 to 26 February 2006. The Winter Games comprise seven different sports and 15 different disciplines, which will be played out in eight different competition sites. Around 2,500 athletes, 650 judges and umpires and 1.5 million spectators are expected to participate in this 20th edition of the Winter Games.

Torino 2006

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