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03 Feb 2006
Olympic News

TORINO 2006: A Lot Of Passion Lives Here

Volunteers are a key part of the Olympic Games, participating in many different ways to help the Games become a success. Often working alongside athletes and spectators, the volunteers help out in many areas of the Games, such as logistics, transport, spectator services, media operations and National Olympic Committee (NOC) services, to name but a few. With more than 45,000 volunteers participating during Athens 2004, Torino 2006 will continue in this positive vein of volunteerism, as over 41,000 people applied to join the Turin volunteer programme and around 25,000 of them will actually participate at the Games.
Volunteerism And The Olympic Games
The Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games have a long tradition of volunteerism dating back to the beginning of the Movement and the first Games in 1896. This tradition continues today at all levels of the Olympic Movement, from the volunteer at the NOC level, who gives his/her time to help train young athletes; to the Games-time volunteer, who works during the Games with the athletes at the Olympic Village; to the IOC members, who are all volunteers and who give their time willingly to help promote the ideals of Olympism.
The Torino 2006 volunteer programme is called Noi2006 and has been a resounding success. Launched in January 2004, the programme is led by Italian skiing legend Piero Gros and has had over 41,000 people register to be a part of it. With the Games now only a few days away, around 25,000 of them will actually participate at the Games. About 5,000 of them will be taking part in the ceremonies, either as extras “on stage” or as production assistants. The other 20,000 volunteers will be taking part as key players across the entire Olympic system working in jobs as varied as drivers, protocol assistants, NOC assistants and help desk aides, to name but a few. One of the reasons that the Olympic Movement is so strong is thanks to these dedicated people and the time and experience they give in order to help make the Games a success and to promote the ideals of Olympism.

The Olympic Winter Games will run from 10 to 26 February 2006 in Turin. The Winter Games comprise seven different sports and 15 different disciplines, which will be played out in eight different competition sites. Around 2,600 athletes, 650 judges and umpires and one million spectators are expected to participate in this 20th edition of the Winter Games.

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