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20 Oct 2008
Olympic News

Top school project: a Torino 2006 legacy

Who has not dreamed of one day imitating the people they have seen on television, slaloming down the Olympic ski runs, performing stunning flips and axel jumps or flying off the end of a ski jump? The chance to discover and try out these sports in the very place where the champions performed is exactly what Torino Olympic Park (TOP) is proposing, through its TOP School Project, to the children of Piedmont schools from October 2008 to March 2009, in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin, the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and the winter sports federations.
A Torino 2006 legacy
In February 2006, the city of Turin hosted the Olympic Winter Games. These Games did not end after the 16 days of competition: they left an exciting legacy to the local population, not just through memories of sporting achievements, but also through sports facilities and knowledge. Many of the Olympic competition and training venues are now used to provide a magnificent sporting and educational legacy to Turin and the Piedmont region. Thus, some 10,000 children and young people of the region’s schools now have the chance to try an Olympic winter sport at the Olympic venues used by the champions they watched live or on television two years ago.
For a taste of ice and snow
All the children (from kindergarten to secondary schools) will have the chance to discover the ice  sports – figure skating, short track speed skating and even ice hockey, on the ice of the “Palazzetti” in Pinerolo and Torre Pellice and the Palavela in Turin. This year, the TOP project has also introduced the snow sports. Thus, the older children - from primary schools to secondary schools – can experience a ride in a bobsleigh, skeleton or luge on the track at Cesana San Sicario, learn about ski jumping in Pragelato, and try their hand at cross-country skiing and biathlon in Cesana.
Dream 2014
Already looking to the future, the Torino Olympic Park has a new project called “Dream 2014”. As its name indicates, this project aims to offer to these youngsters the opportunity to take their sporting experience to higher levels and do like the champions they admire: fulfil their dreams by representing their country at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.
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