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06 Nov 2000
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, 6 November 2000 - Conference to Explore Critical Points in the Developing Relationship Between Sport and New Media -

Responding to the distinctive challenges presented by the Olympic Games in Sydney, the IOC today announced a roster of over 40 industry leaders from sport and new media to speak at ‘The IOC World Conference on Sport and New Media’ taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland, December 4th and 5th.

The two days of presentations and panel debates, will examine the way in which new media is impacting on sport. Featured speakers include: Dick Ebersol, Chairman, Olympic Division, NBC Sports; Alan Ramadan, President and CEO, Quokka; Peter Kenyon, CEO, Manchester United; Mike Levy, CEO, CBS Sportsline; Steve Jones, CMO, Coca Cola Company; Peter Clifton, Head of BBC Sports Online; Mary Kate Buckley, VP, Nike and Thomas E. Spock, Executive VP New Media and Enterprises,

In addition to the interest registered by the worlds of sport and new media, the Conference has attracted global interest from a broad spectrum of industries including telecommunications, technology, research, media, law and finance.

“We are delighted with the quality of the participants in the Conference and look forward with anticipation not only to the presentations of the speakers, but also to the exchange of views that the Conference should encourage. The outcome will be of great assistance as we try to chart our future course in an environment that reinvents itself at a faster and faster pace as technology and imagination combine to remove existing barriers to communication,” said IOC Conference Executive Chairman, Richard Pound.

“The possibilities that new media opens up for spectators, consumers and educators are almost without limit. That we have chosen to stage this event reflects the importance we attach to new media issues within sports and the need to ensure that the Olympic Movement and sport as a whole consider the implications these developments bring to their spheres of activity. Each of us has a responsibility to maximize the use of all media, new and traditional, in the best interests of sport and the public at large.”

The Olympic Games in Sydney were seen by many as the most significant watershed for the relationship between sport and new media. ‘The IOC World Conference on Sport and New Media’ is an opportunity for all levels of the sport industry to learn about the decisive changes driving the sector that will directly affect their future success and their ability to compete in this multi-billion dollar market.

“Recognising the critical points in the developing relationship between sport and new media will be the factor that separates the winners and the losers. The IOC is uniquely placed to provide a forum at which these points can be evaluated and which will enable members of the sport community to map out a path to a successful future,” said Kevin Roberts, Editor of SportBusiness Magazine.

Official Conference Suppliers include: Swiss Air, Swiss Communicatons (Swisscom), Classic, Allsport and Daimler-Chrysler.

A complete list of speakers as well as the conference programme can be found at, the official Conference web site launched today.

Further information, please contact:

David Aikman
Tel: (41-21) 621 6111

SportBusiness Group
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Tel: (44) 20 7721 8549

Dow Jones Conferences
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