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Tokyo 2020 gears up for data capture

Team members from Tokyo 2020 and OGKM working together on data capture plans Team members from Tokyo 2020 and OGKM working together on data capture plans
02 Apr 2019
OGKM team members Fabio De Alcantara Machado and Nzumbe Nyanduga visited their colleagues from Tokyo 2020 in March to present their data capture ambitions, gather a better understanding of the local context, and discuss the collaboration for this important project.

The objectives of the Tokyo 2020 Data Capture Project are to obtain more detailed data on key areas of Games operations; improve the IOC’s tools, methods of collection and data management processes; and leverage the data collected to perform more in-depth analysis and generate better insights to support future Games optimisation efforts.

Focus areas include the actual use of resources (spaces, seats, etc.), services (e.g. transport, food and beverage) and the behaviour of stakeholders at Games time (arrivals and departures, transport, accommodation, etc.) all of which are crucial to quantifying the implementation of the New Norm measures.

The discussions with representatives from more than 25 Functional Areas were very productive and paved the way for close cooperation in the run-up to and during the Games. Homare Majima, Director of the Venue Engineering management section, said after the meeting: “If we had had the data of the required area and workspace allocations for competition venues from past Games editions, the designing process for our own competition venues would have been more efficient. I am convinced that the IOC’s data capture efforts in Tokyo will greatly help future OCOGs.”

OGKM will be back in Tokyo later this year to follow up on data which will be collected during the test events, and to discuss specific systems to be used for data capture during the Games.

Please note that all data and statistics received from POCOG regarding the 2018 Olympic Winter Games are now available on the OGK platform! 

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