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Tokyo 2020 Games Experience Programme prepares to share knowledge with the sporting world

Games Experience Programme (GEP) IOC
20 Feb 2020
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As part of an educational collaboration, the Information, Knowledge and Games Learning (IKL) section of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) are set to host the first Games Experience Programme (GEP) across both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This will provide a world-class experiential learning opportunity both for those already involved in the major events industry and for those aspiring to join it.

Developed using IOC, IPC Academy and WAoS methodologies refined during the last four editions of the Games, the Tokyo 2020 GEP will provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate their passion for the learning and sharing of strategic and operational knowledge around the delivery of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Ultimately, the Games are one big learning and development challenge, and having a GEP will highlight lots of important elements that need consideration,” said Christopher Payne, Associate Director of IKL. “It will ensure visibility of key issues and create valuable knowledge and content that can be transferred to other major events. Attending the GEP will allow participants to approach their own major events with a fresh perspective facilitated by the Olympic Agenda 2020 – The New Norm philosophy.”

The 2020 edition of the GEP will present an opportunity for a diverse group of participants to attend, such as Organising Committees for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (OCOGs), Olympic and Paralympic organisations and/or representatives from the major events industry with a demonstrable need to join such a programme.

Games Experience Programme (GEP) IOC

“The GEP is constantly striving to further enhance the quality of its content using modern and proven educational methods,” commented Chris Solly, Managing Director of WAoS. “The GEP is based on the success of the previous IPC Academy Games Experience Programmes and the valuable experience gained, combined with IKL’s work over many years.”

Many representatives from OCOGs as well as other major events and stakeholders in sport have benefitted from attending previous editions of the GEP and going “behind the scenes” during live events. Hearing first-hand from experts and networking with industry peers make the GEP even more special.

The current edition of the Tokyo 2020 GEP has been designed to include a wider variety of themes in partnership with all IOC/IPC and Tokyo 2020 functional areas.

It aims to highlight operational elements and give participants the opportunity to gain invaluable first-hand experience and insight into various operational aspects of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The GEP encompasses a combination of different types of learning activities. The aim is to ensure that diverse individual and organisational needs will be met and the benefits of observation and experience maximised.

The learning activities include:

  • Site visits, including to competition venues and the most important non-competition venues.
  • Presentations from key Tokyo 2020 Managers and from IOC and IPC experts across a large variety of subjects.
  • Thematic sessions focusing on a stakeholder experience or on a topic with significant Games management value, combined with relevant visits conducted in a suitable venue.
  • Informative workshops.
  • Opportunities to meet members of other Organising Committees and sports organisations, for networking and sharing experiences and information.
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