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Time for World Snow Day!

World Snow Day 2017 Holde Schneider/Bongarts/Getty Images
13 Jan 2017
Olympic News, IOC News
Don’t miss it: The sixth edition of World Snow Day, organised by the International Ski Federation (FIS), will take place on 15 January. All over the world, children are invited to discover the sports that can be practised on snow-covered slopes by trying out various different activities. Happy sliding!

“Bring children to the snow.” Such is the aim of World Snow Day, being organised by the FIS for the sixth time. It is being held across the globe on Sunday 15 January. 

“This is now our sixth edition of World Snow Day, and we could not be prouder of the dedication, hard work and effort of the organisers. Their work is making a difference, and we look forward to celebrating the day,” said FIS President and IOC Member Gian-Franco Kasper.

This year, eight countries (Austria, Canada, China, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia) are organising different events nationwide. And many more are offering local activities, from the USA to Belarus, from France to Kazakhstan, from Japan to Switzerland, from Norway to the UK, etc.                     

Everywhere, children on skis or snowboards can enjoy free lessons, and in many cases also free skilift passes. The activities on offer are numerous, varied, supervised and particularly suitable for families. As the World Snow Day slogan puts it: “Enjoy, explore and experience snow sports.” 

Giving young schoolchildren the chance to experience the mountains and the fantastic recreational opportunities their snowy slopes offer is a major development focus for the FIS, as it promotes best practices and easier access to snow sports as part of its vision for the future. 

Do you want to take part in World Snow Day? Find out more by visiting the website.  

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