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15 Aug 2005
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This week at the Olympic Museum (30.08.05)

Tuesday 30 August: Agora (new cycle of Museum conferences): Encounter with Maurice Béjart. Hosted by Jean-Philippe Rapp. “When I was 7, I dreamt of marrying my mother. My mother died, so I married dance”. This is how Maurice Béjart expressed himself in the Nutcracker ballet. These nuptials profoundly transformed the man and the art in which he expresses himself. To such a point that Maurice has now become “dance”. An exceptional life path. The awakening of his curiosity with his father, the philosopher Maurice Berger, the dawning of love through his mother, the awareness of dance because it was necessary to toughen up the somewhat puny adolescent. From the modest apartment in rue Ferrari in Marseille to Lausanne today: what a journey! And what loyalty! Fifty-one years at the head of the same company. It has certainly changed its name but not its perspective. From 1954 Les Ballets de l’Etoile, 1957 Ballet-Théâtre de Paris, 1960 Ballet du XXe siècle, 1987 Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Maurice Béjart will speak during this evening about a career whose richness leads to the most elaborate forms of cultures and civilizations in a constant study on the future of man. At 6.30 p.m., free entrance, reservation required, information on 021 621 65 11.
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