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11 Jul 2005
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This week at the Olympic Museum (11 to 17 July 2005)

Finding the Roots of Sport exhibition
In the framework of this exhibition, the Olympic Museum will offer visitors a programme of exciting encounters with those who practise traditional games, sports, singing and music. The people invited, all specialists in their field, will be revealing the secrets of their ancestral techniques which all contribute to a common heritage. Each occasion will be an authentic chance to watch, learn and discuss! As such, from 6 July to 14 August, the Olympic Museum will be neglecting the Olympic sports and exploring a parallel universe. The result will be events based on diversity of movement with a plurality of body movements governed by laws and rites which sometimes overlap with the sporting register, as the boundaries are not always well defined.
Week-ends events at the Olympic Museum
Every Sunday from 10 July to 14 August: Visit the exhibition Finding the Roots of Sport. Guided tour for adults run by students from the University of Neuchâtel’s Ethnological Institute. At 11 a.m. in French and 2 p.m. in English. Meet in the entrance hall; admission: ticket price; duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Information on 021 621 65 11.
Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 July: American Indians: traditional music and songs. By the Yaki Kandru ensemble, with Jorge López Palacio, specialist in American Indian vocal techniques, music and culture, and Sylvie Blasco, specialist in Amerindian women’s song and chant.
Saturday 16 July: from 3 to 4 p.m.: vocal show firizai or the voice of the spring. In this show, Yaki recalls the songs of Amazonia, the Orinoco plans and Tierra del Fuego. Songs for harvesting manioc, or for bringing on dreams; songs of abundance; songs for communicating with the spirits; love songs or nostalgic songs; healing songs… The performers move with and embody the different sounds, which come together into a musical whole. From 4.30 to 5.30 p.m.: Yaki Kandru meets the public to discuss voices, bodies and movement in American Indian vocal traditions.

Sunday 17 July: From 3 to 4 p.m.: concert-event journey of initiation to the heart of the Americas. From Alaska to Patagonia, passing through Mexico, the Amazonian forest and the Orinoco, Yaki Kandru invites us to go on a journey to meet Mexico’s Yaqui Indians, and be welcomed by the pulsating rhythm of the scrapers during the dance of the deer; to meet the Indians from the plains of Colombia and Venezuela, where the bamboo horns resonate, their enchanting sounds astonishing the Spanish conquerors. Echoes of daily life, from an Inuit mother rocking her child, to a Yécuana woman singing while harvesting manioc. The songs, inspired by the voices of animals and spirits, are rich in tone, texture and sensation, while the musical instruments used to accompany them create true sculptures of sound. A homage to the Indian people of the Americas, to their creativity, philosophies and struggles. From 4.30 to 5.30 p.m.: Yaki Kandru meets the public to discuss anthropology of the music of the American Indians. Presentation of musical instruments.
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