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09 Dec 2005
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This week at the Olympic Museum… (05.12.05)

Finding the Roots of Sport. Origins - Rites - Identities exhibition
Sport is a witness to the practices of our ancestors. And today, the Olympic Games have become their universal language. With its new exhibition, the Olympic Museum seeks to find the roots of sport through the ages, and throughout the world. Upon request, young visitors (from 12 years old) can benefit from tours guided by the Museum’s coordinators, who will have undertaken a rigorous training programme with students from Neuchâtel, as part of an exchange: ethnology for some, and sporting values for others. This fusion gave birth to a unique tour programme, of which our young visitors will be the privileged beneficiaries. An educational kit developed in collaboration with the Education and Development Foundation will enable teachers to further explore the themes addressed in the exhibition and, especially, to work on traditional sporting values and compare them with Olympic sports.
Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games and more exhibition
Until 26 March 2006
The exhibition awakes the spirit of the Games in Turin, across three thematic sections that illustrate the most curious and fascinating aspect. Red - passion, yellow - Piedmont and blue - technology and environment. A beautiful journey through the colours of Torino 2006.
The events at the Olympic Museum
Thursday 7 December: Premiere! Dominique Perret. Skiing the Fall Lines. Documentary, 52 minutes, directed by Gilles Chappaz in collaboration with Télévision Suisse Romande. From the Himalayas to Alaska, via the Rocky Mountains, Turkey and the Alps, Skiing the Fall Lines conveys the passion of Dominique Perret, named “Best Freeride Skier of the Century”. With a wealth of experience acquired in the most beautiful snowfields on the planet, Dominique Perret follows original and unique fall lines. He shows us the human adventure of committed and harmonious mountain skiing: that of real skiing in its most pure and spectacular freeride form. At 6.30 p.m., in the Museum auditorium, free admission. Information on 021 621 65 11.
Sunday 11 December: Sunday concert. Ana Oltean, flute, and Simon Bucher, piano, have chosen to play Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach, Muczinski, Poulenc and Mélanie Bonise. At 11 a.m., in the Museum auditorium, tickets at the entrance. Information on 021 621 65 11.
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